Habitat Homes

Are you in need of safe, decent, affordable housing? If you have a need, the ability to pay and the willingness to partner, you may qualify to purchase a Habitat home. 

The Application Process

Habitat for Humanity of West Central MN offers a Homeownership Program to residents of Chippewa, Kandiyohi, Meeker, Renville, Swift counties and the city of Cokato. It is a hand-up to low-income families that are unable to qualify for a traditional home mortgage through a lender or other programs. We do not give houses away for free, but instead provide affordable and zero-interest mortgages to families that qualify.

Habitat for Humanity of West Central MN periodically “opens” the selection process to receive program applications based on the construction plans for the year. When the application period is “closed”, persons interested in applying may ask the affiliate to contact them when the process opens or watch for advertising or check HFHWCM’s web page announcing the opening.

When the process is “opened”, a time period of approximately 30 days is designated during which time applications can be picked up (or mailed out) and returned. Within 30 days of receiving the application, Habitat will issue notice of missing information and date it must be received by. All requested documentation must be received to do a full assessment of eligibility.

Required information:

  1. Fill out the application (booklet style) – Please answer all questions in detail and truthfully. Remember to sign on the last page (twice). The Application form must be returned by the deadline or your application cannot be considered.

  2. Provide verification of gross earned income as per instruction in the application packet.

  3. Provide verification of income from other sources if applicable: :

  • Social Security, SSI, SS Disability, or pension. Submit award letter.

  • Child support – last 2 years from www.childsupport.dhs.state.mn.us. If paid to you directly and not through the county, then need copy of checks received or signed statement from the payer.

  • Spousal support or alimony – submit written verification of amount received in last 2 years.

4) Other documents required:

  • Federal tax return and W2’s – last 2 years – 2016 & 2017.

  • Employment check stubs – copies of 3 most recent from each job listed on the application.

  • Bank statement. (savings & checking accounts)- copy of last 2 months statements.

  • Monthly bills – copies of current and last month’s bills that you pay such as utilities, phone, garbage, cable, internet, insurance, as well as payment & balance owed on credit cards, car loans, student loans, travel loans, etc.

  • ID’s to verify US Citizenship or legal Permanent Residency Status.

5) After your application is submitted, the Family Selection Committee will do an initial review of your Need, Ability to Pay, and Willingness to Partner with Habitat. Staff will conduct criminal background check and sex offender registry check. A credit report will also be obtained.

6) If your application passes the initial review, a home visit will be arranged. The home visit consists of a tour of your current home and an interview of your family by two members of the Family Selection Committee. The purpose of the home visit is to discuss the Habitat housing program in further detail and gain further information on your family’s current living conditions. Applicant and Co- applicant must participate and the entire family should be present.

7) After your home visit, the Family Selection Committee again reviews information submitted on the application form, financial documents and information obtained at the home visit to determine whether your application meets the program guidelines.

8) The Family Selection Committee will make a recommendation to Habitat’s Board of Directors for a final approval.

9) If approved by the Board of Directors, you will be contacted to set a date for an Acceptance Meeting and enter into a Partnership Agreement with Habitat.

10) If the committee and/or board does not approve your application at any stage of the application process, you will be notified in writing with the reason for denial.

Maximum Gross Income Limits per Household

County 1 Person Household 2 Person Household 3 Person Household 4 Person Household 5 Person Household 6 Person Household 7 Person Household 8 Person Household
Chippewa $30,900 $35,280 $39,720 $44,100 $47,640 $51,180 $54,720 $58,260
Kandiyohi $30,420 $34,800 $39,120 $43,440 $46,920 $50,400 $53,880 $57,360
Meeker $31,140 $35,580 $40,020 $44,460 $48,060 $51,600 $55,140 $58,740
Renville $30,420 $34,800 $39,120 $43,440 $46,920 $50,400 $53,880 $57,360
Swift $30,420 $34,800 $39,120 $43,440 $46,920 $50,400 $53,880 $57,360